How do I use the Secret Ceres


Proper usage

In general, it is recommended to use the Secret Ceres once per week (not more), 90 seconds per insertion. However, since every woman and yoni are different, it is best to listen to your body’s reaction and adjust the use accordingly. Some women will choose to use the Secret Ceres on a weekly basis until they feel their vaginal microflora is in balance and then use it less often, some women will want to maintain constant usage throughout.

Depending on the frequency of use, your Secret Ceres will last between 6-12 months, if used properly and with care. With each use the healing herbs and kaolin clay will be dissolved and absorbed causing it to gradually reduce in size.

Find the full Product Guidelines for all our products here.


Side effects

80% of women who use Secret Ceres do experience shedding, itching and/or burning. This is a natural, healing response, and the sensations vary from woman to woman, depending on the unique balance of microflora within her. On average, our exterior skin renews every 27 days while our body’s mucous skin, including the vagina, renews within 24 hours. The dead vaginal skin tissue sheds 2-3 days after each use of your Secret Ceres. The shedding will be stronger in the beginning and will subdue as the vaginal flora and pH balance get back in balance. Even though it might seem as a strange occurrence, the shedding process is a completely natural one and happens constantly. 


Allergic reactions have never been reported by any women, and we advise the following to pro-actively keep that true:

Before inserting Secret Ceres, thoroughly cleanse your vagina and remove all residue from any other chemical substances that, together, might cause a reaction (i.e. lubricants, douches, soaps, foams or serums).

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    Nina Scorpina

    I have noticed the usage of the product . However it does not mention if it should be washed before and after usage . Is it washable ?

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    Milana M.

    Hi Nina, indeed, the Secret Ceres is washable. If you take a look at the product guidelines, which can be found here:, you will see that you should wet the Secret Ceres under lukewarm water prior to insertion and wash in the same way after use.