What is the Shakti Wand


A Shakti Wand is a magical gemstone creation designed  to cultivate your sensuality, orgasmic potential & inner goddess. It allows you to experience its special pleasures & healing power. 

Using gemstones for heightened sexual pleasure, health & overall well being is no new-age invention but a tradition that has been around since centuries. The use of gemstones for the intimate area of a woman first evolved in ancient China. But as most powerful knowledge in the world, the knowledge about gemstones as a way to sexual restoration, stimulation and pleasure has been kept as a secret, being taught only to queens and concubines of the ancient chinese Royal Palace.

With the rise of new technologies, this ancient knowledge found its way all over the globe. Today women of all nations are becoming aware of the power of gemstones to their bodies.

This is why we created a special MyTinySecrets Shakti Wand, designed by Adina and Oliver themselves, to cultivate your inner goddess.

Manufacturing Quality

The MyTinySecrets Shakti Wands are made of highest quality gemstones:

  • 100% natural; no artificial treatment, no chemicals and no glue, no smell, no coloring, no radiation and no aluminum content
  • the stone's authenticity certificates from the SGS gemologists
  • each Shakti Wand is carefully handmade with the exact shape designed by Adina & Oliver


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