How do I use the Shakti Wand


Proper usage

The Shakti Wands can be used internally and externally, both to heal the yoni but also to help heal the soul, physical and emotional pain and help bring your body in overall balance. Here are a few suggested uses of the Wands:

#1 Use as a Healing Tool during Yoni Massage

The Shakti Wand can be used during a tantra and/or yoni massage as a healing tool to release negative emotions/blockages from the yoni. Insert it with the intention of releasing unwanted energies that are holding you back and then dive into the pleasure. Release the Shakti Wand and cleanse it physically and energetically.

#2 Use the Shakti Wand as a Meditation Tool

You can use the Shakti Wand after its first initiation as a meditation tool. The energies of the sexual encounter are stored in the Shakti Wand. Sexual energy is life force. By holding the Shakti Wand in your hands or placing it in front of you during meditation you can access the vibrations of the sexual energy stored.

#3 Unusual Tool for Sexual Stimulation (For Women and Men)

Imagine the intensity of an age-old gemstone within your yoni. A stone that carries the wisdom of the womb of mother nature. It is a powerful and unusual experience.

#4 Use as a Massage Tool

You can place the Shakti Wand on those parts of your body that need healing. You can also use a little bit of pressure and use the Shakti Wand as a massage tool for the back.

#5 Use as a Tool for Manifestation (Sex Magic)

Sexual energy is life force. It is the most powerful energy in the universe. It is the energy of creation. Manifest your highest calling and goals during sex and while the Shakti Wand is inside your yoni.


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