How Do I Use the Yoni Egg


You may use your yoni egg for the following benefits:

#1: Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

Insert the egg inside the yoni and perform kegel exercises. The vaginal muscles and pelvic walls have to work to keep the egg inside by closing around it, lifting it and releasing it. Focus on isolating the different muscle areas in your vaginal canal and squeezing, contracting and releasing them rhythmically for a few seconds at a time.

#2: Heighten Sexual Pleasure

You can use the Yoni Egg during intercourse to give yourself a heightened awareness of your body and your sexual arousal. With your yoni in place you can focus on the sexual energy that collects in the ovaries and uterus and spiral them into other areas of your body. Wearing the egg will enhance your sensitivity and over time you will notice prolonged sexual pleasure during intercourse.

#3: Sacred Healing

All over the world, the egg is an ancient symbol for transformation. Fill your egg with your intentions towards healing and ridding yourself of stagnant energies, memories and emotions that no longer serve you. Charge your egg with loving energy by leaving it overnight on the windowsill on the night of a full moon or placing it in the sunlight for a few hours. You may also burn sage or palo santo over it to clear it of any vibrational energy it may have collected before you became its owner.

Who Should Use the Yoni Egg?

Crystals influence the subtle body - the energy body that carries out life force. They help cleanse and energize the body and thereby bringing health, glow & a sense of well-being. Therefore, Shakti Wands are recommended for multiple reasons in:

Women Who Feel Stress/Tension/Blockages in Their Yoni and Womb

Everyday life, stress, motherhood, rocky relationships, trauma, childhood memories etc. can all lead to tension and blockages in your yoni. It is important to cleanse, rejuvenate & reactivate it. The Yoni Egg helps to rejuvenate the Yoni on an energetic level.

Women Who Feel Numbness/Stiffness in and Around Their Intimate Area

Each part of your body corresponds to your energetic and emotional self, and each bodily movement will mirror back to you your current state of holistic health. Stiff hips and pelvic movements can remind us of a rift between us and our sexuality, our connection to the earth. Yoni Egg use and Kegel Exercise help activate these often “forgotten” muscles and rejuvenate the Toni.

Women Who Want to Liberate Their Orgasmic Potential & Sexual Energy

The Yoni Egg takes on the natural heat of your vagina. This natural heat will help in a heightened natural lubrication of your intimate area. The energies emitting from the Yoni Egg will help to open up and awaken your Yoni.

Women Who Want to Heal Their Mind, Body & Soul Holistically

Healing with crystals has always been a part of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine Traditions as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. These traditions are over 5000 years old. Crystals influence the subtle body - the energy body that carries out life force. This life force is particularly focused on energy centres called Chakras. They cleanse and energize the Chakras and thereby bringing you greater health & sense of well being.


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