Who Should Use the Secret Ceres?


After puberty, most women are exposed to a large number of substances either through insertion into the vagina or through external contact. Women are exposed to all sorts of chemicals through items such as tampons and pads, spermicides, condoms, douches, sex toys made of synthetic materials, cleansing towels, lotions, soaps and shower gels, artificial deodorizing products and more that all get absorbed by the vagina’s mucous skin into the centre of our bodies.

Therefore, Secret Ceres is advised for all women who want to bring their yoni to a natural, balanced state of pH levels and vaginal microflora. Due to its healing and tightening effects, Secret Ceres is recommended for all women who have a history of bacterial inflammations, issues with vaginal odor or just want to restore their vagina’s tightness and freshness and bring their libido levels back up.

When Is Secret Ceres Use NOT Recommended:

  • during menstruation
  • in women with a prolapsed uterus, a hysterectomy or any other severe medical condition
  • in extreme weather conditions - extreme heat and/or cold will affect the molecular structure of the stick and might lead to breakage/diminished results - always try to have the stick at room temperature before application
  • in combination other chemical soaps/douches - the chemical and pH balance of the Secret Ceres is fragile just like the one of your yoni, so using other aggressive products in conjunction might lead to reverse effects
  • during pregnancy

Please note that neither the Secret Ceres nor the information presented here are construed to substitute for informed professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, homeopathic, homotoxicologic or other healthcare professional advice or guidance.

If in doubt, due to individual medical conditions, we always recommend consultation with a physician, naturopathic practitioner or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or undertaking any treatment, energetic or otherwise, for a health condition.

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