What Is the Adina Rivers LoveSchool?


We created the Adina Rivers LoveSchool in response to you; our awesome audience who have reached out to us time and time again with your challenges, dreams and fears.

Through listening to all of your stories, we gradually began to realise that while the words may be different, the outcome you sought was always the same.

We saw that ultimately people are just yearning to learn how to love themselves from within; and that more sexual pleasure and deeper connections with a partner are an extension of that yearning.

Self-pleasure is one of the highest expressions of self-love and, with this in mind, we began developing a series of next-level online pleasure courses, designed to awaken and enlighten our audience in regards to their sexuality.

Whether the focus is on your pussy, your  penis or your lover, each course is designed to guide you through change, growth, and a reconnection to your inner source.

The Adina Rivers LoveSchool is both a stage for us to share our wisdom and over 10 years of experience and research as well as a platform for you to receive, experience and interact with the knowledge you are being given.

We are no teachers, gurus or masters. We are just regular people exploring life beyond the comfort zone and sharing our thoughts and lessons with you; because you deserve a sex life that you love :)

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